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A new generation of vacuum cleaners specially designed for the best cleaning of your mattress.

The worst enemy of dust and mites: Its exclusive system created from ions and ultraviolet light is patented and scientifically tested. With this new vacuum cleaner you will not only eliminate dust mites, but also eliminate the residues that these beings leave behind.


High-speed head: One of its best assets is its firm commitment to adapting the most avant-garde technology to the domestic environment. An example of this is the high-speed vibrating head and its “Electrostatic Intelligent” brush. This new technology will achieve the best hygienic efficiency. Apply a single pass with the vacuum and remove all dust.


Comfort and design: You can enjoy total and perfect control and handling of the vacuum cleaner. Its elegant, modern and original design, in addition to offering a striking and elegant appearance, also allows for easier and more correct use in everyday life.


Microfilter Layer: One feature we should point out is its high-efficiency HEPA particulate air filter. Essential to ensure that dust does not re-circulate into the air.








UV light


power cord size

4 mt

deposit capacity



1.8 kg

Mattress vacuum cleaner

160,00 €Price
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