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New generation laser robot vacuum cleaner for efficient and smart cleaning. APP control in your language.


360º Intelligent Laser Technology


Allows you to measure the distance to obstacles with millimeter precision and carry out 360º recognition. Allows you to better map your home for smarter, more efficient cleaning.

Smart Laser Technology.


Thanks to smart laser mapping and the APP in your language, you can be in full control of your assisted cleaning. Choose the robot's access and cleaning restriction areas and determine the deep cleaning areas.


Cleaning multiple surfaces.


Off-road robot vacuum cleaner. Suitable for all types of surfaces. High-grip wheels that allow you to move in space easily and silently.

The High Technological Range that makes your life easier.


Voice assistant in Spanish: A friendly voice informs you about the status of the Robot and its operation. Get the most out of your functions.

Double Deposit System: powder and water.


It has 2 types of tanks with Intelligent Sensors, very easy to change and with a large capacity. It can vacuum, sweep, mop and mop at different configurable intensities.

Suction Power 2000-2500 KPs


3 different suction levels as per your cleaning needs. Adapt technology to your home to clean based on what you want and your day-to-day needs.

APP robot vacuum cleaner

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