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This defroster is very special, not only because of its Quick Action System, which allows you to defrost food in a few seconds, but also because it is a 3-in-1 defroster:

  • Serves as a defrosting tray.
  • Serves as a cutting board.
  • Serves as a tray for fruits or any other type of food.

In addition, UNFROZEN Chef informs you if the food is ready to be prepared or not, thanks to its system of changing color by temperature.

Its design pressed into its enamelled ceramic structure is completely free of chemical products, with no risk of your food getting dirty by any unwanted external agent.

UNFROZE CHEFF is concerned with taking care of your food, defrosting all foods in a completely natural way and without any kind of chemical action. The explanation lies in the special material it was made with, which transmits and maintains heat in an ideal way to prepare the food you want to cook in the shortest possible time.

  • Main features:
  • Temperature indicator system by design on the base.
  • 3 functions in one.
  • Special fast action system
  • Easy going.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 100% natural function without electricity or chemicals

Technical information:

  • Enamelled Ceramic Material + Temperature Sensor
  • Tray dimensions: 20.3x29cm
  • Support dimensions: 21.5x33x6cm
  • Technology: Fast acting 100% natural (no electricity or chemicals)

defrosting tray

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