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With the Trainer ELIPTIC 1500 you will be able to keep the shape you want. The INDOOR elliptical bike exercise is one that offers the most benefits when it comes to losing weight. Being a low-impact activity, it is recommended to burn fat and tone your muscles at the same time. This device will undoubtedly be your perfect ally to keep exercising without leaving home. It also has an Activity Tracker that records your training data such as: Distance covered, Calories burned, Speed and Pulse.

Dual handlebars and pulse sensor.

Ergonomic and non-slip double handlebars that offer better results in upper body training. It has high sensitivity heart rate sensors for full control during exercise.


Safe non-slip surface.

It incorporates large non-slip pedals designed to leave the minimum distance between the feet and favor the correct position during exercise. It has securely mounted wheels for comfortable transport.

Adjustable resistance.

8 resistance levels for customized workout intensity. You can select the level to adjust it to your desired exercise.


Exercise without impact.

Elliptical movement system based on simultaneous bearings that offers a cardiovascular exercise without pulling or impacts, mobilizing more than 200 muscles. Ensures stable pedaling for users up to 100 kg.


Front navigator LCD screen.

It helps you to be in control of your training, knowing in real time the distance traveled, calories burned and speed and heart rate. Device support.


Optimal braking system.

Magnetic locking system with oscillating mass for secure use during exercise and resistance when getting in and out of the device.

Elliptical Bike

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