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An exclusive and patented design with two functionalities: chair and ironing board.

With a single movement, you can move from one piece of furniture to another and turn your chair into a practical ironing board. Perfect for saving space, especially in small rooms.

In a few seconds and step by step you will transform the chair into an iron, you can also use the seat drawer to store the iron or any sewing accessories.

The board is stored in the recess under the seat.

The cover covering the ironing board is completely removable and washable.

Beech wood in cherry color (light wood).

Ironing height: 93 cm.

Ironing board length: 112 cm.

Measurements of the ironing board chair drawer:

Front: 43.5 cm.

Rear: 35 cm.

Length: 45 cm.

Width: 39 cm.

ironing board chair

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