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You are about to enter a new culinary world in the hands of Giro Chef Diet;

This kitchen utensil is a real revolution in this area, especially for its enormous versatility; frying, baking, grilling, etc. In addition, it does it quickly, cleanly and healthy (with just a spoonful of oil we can prepare any meal and thanks to its non-stick coating we will gain hygiene and comfort when cleaning the appliance). Give your kitchen a special touch and become a true professional chef.


Cooking like a pro is possible with Giro Chef Diet. You can enjoy the culinary world in all its splendor, either for the delight or pleasure of your friends and family, or as an everyday culinary tool.

It is a robot with avant-garde and innovative features, which at a functional level represents a true revolution in the world of cooking. By using fat from the foods you prepare, you can conserve your nutrients and vitamins.

Thanks to its top-bottom heating system, we can forget that we have to stir food for many minutes (and even hours). In this way, you will keep the same presentation that you originally made.

It is also important to take into account the important engineering work involved in this instrument and its easy cleaning, so that time is not wasted with unnecessary actions.


• Giro-Chef Diet cooks in the traditional way, achieving the most traditional flavors and textures.

• It has a large capacity cooking container. It incorporates cables with thermal insulation for better handling.

• Large glass lid that allows you to view the internal content at all times and which cooking process it is in, allowing you to open the lid as many times as you deem necessary to handle the food. In this phase, the appliance switches off the halogen heater, but continues to cook with the lower heater. As soon as the lid is closed again, the halogen heater will be activated again.

• The Giro-Chef Diet incorporates a rotation mechanism, a device that is mounted on the machine by a toothed cylinder with perfect coupling that allows the drive mechanism to move as soon as the device is adjusted to the frying pan, providing the cooking system with unparalleled results . .

• Healthy cooking, suitable for all those who like to take care of themselves or who follow a diet to lose weight.

• Giro-Chef Diet will delight the little ones in the house and provide you with the comfort of being able to prepare hamburgers, pizzas or tenderloins in the fastest and healthiest way. Forget ugly pans that stain your stove, oil spills and smoke. With Giro-Chef Diet you will do the same without getting dirty and with little effort.

• Does not interfere with flavors, does not sneeze, does not smoke. You can place it anywhere in the kitchen.

• It cooks with very little oil, as it takes advantage of the natural fats of some foods, thus being cooked in its own juice, respecting the nutrients.

• It incorporates a 30-minute timer and 2 different temperature levels with a current light indicator that will verify the device has started.

• The starter switch is located on the back of the cover. By simply flipping the lid down, and once the time and level you want to cook has been set, your Giro-Chef diet will take effect. Lifting the lid will automatically stop it.

• The large capacity skillet is made of the finest materials. Non-stick and easy to clean.







300-500 gr.

15-20 minutes


300-500 gr.

18-20 minutes


200 - 800 gr.

10 to 15 minutes


300 - 400 gr.

8 to 10 minutes

minced meat

300 - 500 gr.

10 to 12 minutes

Nuts, almonds, peanuts

200 - 300 gr.

10 to 25 minutes

bake bread or cake

300 - 500 gr.

15 to 30 minutes


500 - 800 gr.

25 to 30 minutes


POWER: 1,650 W - 1,850 W

VOLTAGE: 220 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60 Hz


Giro Chef Fryer

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