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This set of induction cookware is designed and manufactured in 18/10 chrome stainless steel of the highest quality.

Using state-of-the-art technology in a 1200 ton pressure system for fixing the base with an encapsulated bottom. This system is the formula for efficient power distribution and greater energy savings. This system increases the conductivity of heat, which is efficiently distributed and stored in the base for faster cooking of food.


Due to its design, the steam generated during the cooking process accumulates in the center. This design also facilitates the formation of a steam ring between the bottom and the lid, acting as a seal to keep all the nutrients in the food intact.


Some techniques can destroy the nutritional value of food. Using high temperatures in uncovered containers can reduce and even eliminate vitamins and minerals from food.

Our battery is specially designed to better distribute heat and preserve the nutritional value of food.

Many foods can be cooked with minimal or even no water, which means the vitamins and minerals stay on your plate and don't go down the drain. It is not necessary to add fatty supplements like butter or oil in cooking meat, thus reducing caloric intake and saving money.

Due to their luxurious mirror finish, the containers can be used to serve food directly to the table, thus keeping food warm longer and saving time on cleanup.

Its cleaning is very easy as its finish allows for an easy shine.

For storage, containers can be inserted into others and thus save space.


16 x 8 cm. Pot with lid.

16 x 10 cm. Pot with lid.

20 x 10 cm. Pot with lid.

20 x 10 cm. Steam bucket (0.6 mm).

24 x 13.5cm. Pot with lid.

24 x 6.5 cm. Frying pan with lid. (1 mm).

20 x 6.5 cm. Bowl with plastic lid (0.5 mm).

24 x 7.5 cm. Bowl with plastic lid (0.5 mm).

20 cm. Basket for frying and baking.

20 cm. Gratinator.

24 cm. Ring.

2 plastic bases.

5 kitchen utensils.

1 suction clamp.

1 bakelite knob

2 knobs with thermostat

Box: 54 x 53 x 19.5 cm.

Set of pans in chromed stainless steel

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