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3D printed colorful night light in the shape of Saturn. The Saturn lamp adopts 3D printing technology, a special process that on the surface, with its 3D effect, looks like the rough surface of a star.

Easy-to-Use Saturn Lamp - 2 ways to control the Saturn light: remote control and touch. The remote control can turn on/off the lamp and time, change the light color and brightness. The light has 16 different colors. The remote control has 4 modes, which can flash and fade, relax and help with sleep.

Safe and soft moon light, it is 3D printed with safe eco-friendly materials. Low-voltage USB charging and energy-saving LED bulbs to keep light cool, even after long time use, no light will harm your eyes.

With a wooden base and hanger kit, it can be used as a table lamp and chandelier, with the built-in lithium battery. (Depending on brightness), just 2~3 hours full charge. USB can be easily charged by portable mobile power, PC, laptop, etc., to help your child or grandchild overcome fear of the dark.

3D Saturn Lamp

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