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Enjoy a complete workout at home with Remo TRAINER IMPULSE. It has a large LCD screen that reads time, distance, calories and lines per minute, 8 resistance levels to help you stay in shape and 6Kg of magnetic resistance and an ergonomic AIR SOFT seat that make your exercise routine effective and comfortable.

Of all the fitness machines, the rower is the one that provides a complete cardiovascular and muscular workout. Helps build and tone muscles, strengthen cardiovascular function and increase endurance. By training with the Remo TRAINER IMPULSE you can obtain an optimal physical condition, since during the exercise you mainly exercise your shoulders and arms, but also your legs, buttocks, abs and back.

This multi-exercise machine allows you to complete your daily workout from home. Foldable and functional. Set the exercise objective according to your preferences. Every time you reach them, Remo TRAINER IMPULSE will notify you, so you can increase the difficulty. You'll have full exercise control for a complete workout.


Not only is it effective for achieving a slim figure and shaping muscles, but it is also beneficial for the cardio-respiratory system, while strengthening arteries and vessels. Designed in Spain with the highest quality in each of its components, it consists of a seat with a highly padded AIR SOFT system, so that your exercises are comfortable and soft.


Put many muscles to work simultaneously, exercising the whole body in a relatively short period of time, with a very high caloric expenditure.

rowing machine

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