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In recent decades, interest in healthy food and a balanced diet has had a great impact on the population. It's not just about stereotypes or having a nice body, it's much more, because it's about our health.

In this context and due to the growing interest in healthy cooking, culinary trends have changed course. The new cooking and food preparation methods make the art of cooking an easy, efficient and quick practice, but no less delicious.

Vefa Nature satisfies this need and offers the possibility of purchasing a MASTER COOK RED PROGRAMMABLE ELECTRIC COOKER that combines innovation and functionality and is finally within everyone's reach. Conceived with the latest technology, it has a single objective: to maintain a controlled, balanced and healthy diet, without giving up on the flavor and attraction of each food.

There are many advantages of this programmable pot, but the versatility of this appliance is what makes our life easier. With a food processor in the kitchen we can already do two things at the same time and even three. Free our hands and give us time. Getting ahead of work to do, playing sports or enjoying a moment of leisure with any activity is now possible. There's no reason to eat late anymore.

Steam cooking, Master 's healthiest habitcook red

Steam cooking is a healthy and beneficial culinary habit that helps keep the nutrients in food intact, in addition to preserving the vitamins and minerals in each of them.

Steam-cooked foods have many benefits, firstly because they are subjected to a uniform heat source whose temperature oscillates between 95º and 100º centigrade, that is, below the 110º centigrade temperature which, according to several studies, is the point at which that food begins a process of degradation.

On the other hand, we can only deny that any steam food is insipid. Flavors, odors, colors, aroma and texture are less altered with steam cooking than when using any other cooking technique.

In general, various investigations have shown that this cooking technique has the following virtues:

  • Facilitates the regulation of cholesterol levels in the diet, as it suppresses the use of fats for cooking.
  • Allows for simpler digestion.
  • It improves the general appearance of the skin, as it does not damage vitamins C and E (antioxidants), which are responsible for eliminating harmful substances that cause aging.
  • It offers the opportunity to cook several foods at the same time as the steamers can have different grills or levels, without mixing flavors or odors.
  • It is ideal for those who want to control their weight, as by not adding excessive fat, calories are eliminated.


  • Capacity 6 l.
  • It cooks in a simple way without you needing to be present.
  • Pressure and temperature limit for total safety.
  • It enhances the flavor of your cooking thanks to the hermetic closure.
  • Keeps food warm for hours after cooking is finished.
  • It controls the time, programs it and memorizes it.
  • 3 pans in 1: combines the functions of a pressure cooker, electric cooker and low heat cooker.
  • Automatic pressure and time adjustment. Just select a program from the menu.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • It retains the original flavor and all the nutrients for several hours.
  • Food is cooked evenly thanks to the constant temperature pressure system.
  • Stainless steel guarantees the durability and quality of the product.
  • With voice in two languages (Spanish and Portuguese), it will indicate by voice messages the step that is being carried out.
  • Indication of energy consumption.
  • Oven and grill function with lid open
  • Adjustable cooking times
  • 6 pre-configured menus
  • color prescription
  • More power 1,000 watts
  • Reservoir with high non-stick
  • Includes oven function

master cook

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