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With the Pizza Pan you can cook any type of food, ideal for frying, stewing, roasting, cooking tortillas and Pizzas, etc.

Pizza Pan Multi Purposes - 40 cm in diameter and 7 cm deep in its useful cooking surface, it is one of the few on the market with this depth, as it allows you to cook large quantities.

Adjustable temperature up to 230ºC.

Tempered glass lid with high heat resistance, perfectly maintains the temperature inside the pan, it also has a steam escape valve so that the glass does not fog up and you can see the cooking process.

Cool touch button to remove the lid without burning.

Simple and intuitive operation, thermostat with 5 temperature levels.

The Pizza Pan Multi-cooker is treated with a ceramic coating that gives it excellent non-stick properties when cooking, you can cook with a few drops of oil, in addition to making the surface easier to clean, as food does not stick.

Cook in a simple and healthy way.

Support with thermally insulated orthopedic handles for easy carrying and preventing burns.

Allows all types of food to be cooked evenly, such as pizzas, paellas, meats, seafood, breads, crepes, etc. speed and security.

Detachable handle: no need to have a complete set of pots, pans and paellas, it saves a lot of space in the kitchen with the Pizza Pan, it allows you to cook all kinds of preparations in a single compact and durable device.

Technical Data:

· Power supply: 230V, 50Hz

· Power: 1500W

· Certificates: CE and RoHS

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