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We are very proud to present the Speed Body Dryer. It's the latest home technology and this body dryer allows you to dry after every shower/bath in just a few minutes.

Forget conventional towels forever. Thanks to this appliance you will save time and energy by not having to wash towels.

Best of all, you'll enjoy a stimulating and comforting sensation after each shower / bath, cleaning, drying and protecting your skin and/or hair from possible discomforts and disorders caused by the use of towels.

This modern device provides you with a unique and comforting experience with each use, and can be adjusted so that its diffusers apply cold or heat, according to your preferences.

It is clear that times are changing and, therefore, our daily development is subject to modifications and improvements that facilitate our well-being.

Enjoy this unique experience after each shower and extend that moment of rest to another level.

Speed Body Dryer

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